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How to remove tape in hair extensions safely yourself

Tape In Hair Extensions

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Remove Tape In Hair Extensions Safely At Home

Fully understand some people want to remove tape in hair extensions at home, but do not know how to do, will show you the details as the below, then you can easy to control it by yourself easily.

The tools you need: comb, tape remover spray, 1-2  pieces clips.

Comb sort your own hair and hair extensions.
Tape remover spray make the tape easy to take off.
Clips fix the hair which you sort out for the following works, and keep your clothes well, too.

Firstly, expose the hair extensions and fix the hair which you have sorted out with the clips, so that you can see the tape in hair extensions clearly, also make it easy for next steps.

Secondly, spraying each tape tab with the tape remover spray, which could lubricates the adhesive tape and detach from you hair.
One point need to note: will be ok until you feel the tab fall away form the hair, need to spray again and again if can not take off easily.
The important point:  apart the hair in time and keep the hair well with no tangle

Finally,spray your own hair which connect with the tape then clean and comb them

For the tape in hair extensions, you could wash the hair with shampoo and condition then keep them well with hair bag.
Change tape tabs when you apply next time.

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